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    GO1 Learning Platform là gì? Thông tin tổng quan, bảng giá, hướng dẫn sử dụng, reviews và đánh giá tính năng phần mềm GO1 Learning Platform. Những phần mềm thay thế GO1 Learning Platform dùng trong lĩnh vực Talent Management Software, ưu nhược điểm và so sánh? Xem thông tin tham khảo dưới đây!

    GO1 Learning Platform là gì

    GO1 Learning Platform là giải pháp phần mềm Learning Experience Platform (LEP) Software với chức năng và chi phí phù hợp cho các doanh nghiệp từ nhỏ và vừa (SMEs) tới các doanh nghiệp lớn. Phần mềm GO1 Learning Platform được đánh giá cao bởi cả người dùng lẫn chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực Talent Management Software.

    Phần mềm GO1 Learning Platform
    Phân loại Talent Management Software
    Danh mục Learning Experience Platform (LEP) Software
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    The GO1 Learning Platform makes learning management simple. Designed for personalized learning, advanced content curation and streamlined user management.
    Customise the GO1 Learning Platform’s look and feel, so it fits seamlessly as part of your organisation.
    For Administrators, the GO1 Learning Platform makes it easy to create your own training programs, by using the advanced course creation features to customise and combine GO1 Premium content with your original resources. The learning item re-use functional…
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    ity, also assists you to develop content with ease and maximise the value in the content you deliver. If its compliance you are trying to manage, the platform’s Awards learning type, makes it simple to track training against a numerical target over a period of time. Or nest Awards, to unlock access for users to enrol in more learning, once they complete each level.
    Via the modern interface of the GO1 Learning Platform, your users can discover new learning, with GO1’s personalised insights feature. Content insights will come from the GO1 Marketplace content available free with your platform, or you can extend your user’s learning experiences and insights, by subscribing to GO1 Premium, which natively delivers thousands of leading training providers content directly into your learning platform.
    The sophisticated Administrator reporting functions bring all your learner data together and help you accurately track learning completed for each user. Reports are easy to construct, and you can develop them with different levels of detail or use pre-configured reports GO1 provides.
    Extend the GO1 Learning Platforms capabilities, by opting in for GO1 enterprise features like SSO and structured data feeds. Or, GO1 integrates with all of your favourite products, use the public API to integrate GO1 with your existing systems, to manage your data and scale your human resource management.
    All customers have access to full support services 24 hours a day, to troubleshoot and assist you in your learning experience.

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    • Learning Experience Platform (LEP) Software

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